Effortless Carpet

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  • Removes stains and spots
  • Eco-friendly plant-based formula
  • Ideal for carpet, cloth seats, interior panels, & floor mats
  • 32 ounce value size

Lift away stains on carpet, seats, & more!

Effortless carpet is a powerful plant-based carpet and upholstery cleaner designed to clean dirt, grease, and stains, making surfaces look like new. Designed to penetrate fabrics and lift out stains on cloth seats, carpet, and interior panels.

Easy to Use, Spray-on formula!

Effortless carpet is easy to use. Simply spray on the effected area, allow 2-5 minutes to soak, and lightly scrub with a microfiber towel or brush. Allow the area to dry in sunlight or dab dry with a towel.

For removable floor mats spray directly on the mat, scrub, and rinse with water. Allow floor mats to dry in sunlight. Fully compatible with carpet extractors.

Made in the USA.