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Kit Polish & Cire

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A Complete Kit to Remove Clear Coat Stains and Oxidation!


Included with each kit is a 32oz bottle of Precision Polish, a 32oz bottle of Active Wax, two foam applicators, and three microfiber towels.

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To begin the spot and stain removing process apply Precision Polish to the affected areas in a circular motion using one of the included foam applicators.

Once it dries to a haze, remove Precision Polish with one of the included microfiber towels. Finally, follow with a spritz of Active Wax and enjoy the shine.

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Make Light Oxidation, Water Spots, & Clear Coat Stains Disappear!

Stains and spots in your vehicle’s clear coat can seem impossible to get rid of. Until now you would have to research different waxes and polishes and buy multiple products.

Not anymore, the experts at Honest Wash have done the research for you and put together the ultimate stain and spot remover kit.

Whether your car has light oxidation, hard water spots, or other clear coats stains the Spot & Oxidation Removal Kit has everything you need to remove these spots and restore shine.


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Kit Polish & Cire